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Take the guesswork out of your journey with The Bariatric Blueprint

The Big Reset Weight Regain Nutrition and Mindset Guide Includes 24 recipes

When you realize bariatric surgery is more than eating your protein…

If you travel towards an unknown destination, would you rather turn on your GPS knowing which way to go – or would you just start driving “hoping” you’ll turn up in the right place?

Having bariatric surgery is like unraveling a blueprint, finding new ways to structure your life afterwards. Because you’re bound to run into tons of questions that need answers:

“Why do I feel hungry one day, and am completely full the next?”
“Why does my weight stall and should I do something about it?”
“What can I do about hair loss, dumping syndrome and “the foamies?”
“What are the facts about oral health and tailbone pain?”
“And, should I really be THAT afraid of stretching my stomach?”

After reading The Bariatric Blueprint, you:

  • have a clear understanding of the basic principles that are required after bariatric surgery
  • understand the “why” behind the bariatric guidelines making it easier to remove self-judgment for not meeting your goals right away
  • are aware of the greatest nutrition and mindset obstacles in your bariatric journey (the ones that are real dealbreakers for post-op success)
  • have a foundation of how to actually rewire your brain along with knowing how to create new habits that last way beyond the honeymoon stage
  • have a framework you can rely on during weight stalls, weight regain and mindset hurdles like tackling the all-or-nothing mindset

Imagine having a solid framework, bundled in an easy-to-read guide so you can make your journey more successful. The Bariatric Blueprint answers your questions in a straightforward manner. Let’s unravel your journey together!

I Want to Stick to My Habits

Bariatric Surgery Journal Your Onederland

Bariatric Surgery Journal

(without pre-op section)

Don’t lose sight of the bariatric basics. Stay focused with your Bariatric Surgery Journal. With 8 weeks’ worth of trackers, you’re setting the tone for a more consistent life after bariatric surgery. Get your protein in, stay hydrated and start taking your vitamins every day (yeah..we know it’s easier said than done when just the thought of them makes you gag). But if you don’t show up for yourself after bariatric surgery, who will?

My Bariatric Planner Your Onederland

My Bariatric Planner

(with pre-op section)

Be one step ahead of the game. And grab My Bariatric Planner while you’re still preparing for “the big day”. From your pre-op appointment notes to your first post-op weigh-in. My Bariatric Planner has all the templates to start your bariatric journey off on the right foot. So that you can look back at your journey feeling accomplished and ready for more!

I Want to Work on My Mindsest

My Bari Tale Bariatric Mindset Journal

My Bari Tale

How can you change your mindset while tackling your self-limiting beliefs? My Bari Tale is your mindset companion that helps you dig deeper in the obstacles that you face in your bariatric journey. Bonus: 12 habit trackers to help you change your habits from mehh to YEAH!!

I Feel Bari Good Today Bariatric Surgery Quote Book

I Feel Bari Good Today 

71 Bariatric quotes to keep you motivated through the gnarly days where everything seems to spiral out of control. Turn your mindset around with a pocket-size paperback to keep with you at all times. So that you can, with just one quick glimpse in “I Feel Bari Good Today”, know deep down inside, that everything is going to be okay.

I Want More Meal Inspiration

Bariatric Surgery Pureed and Soft Foods Cookbook

Bari Tasty Puréed & Soft Foods Cookbook

You had bariatric surgery, now what? Nobody can really prepare you for the rollercoaster ride that you’re diving into. The gas pain, the nausea and let’s not even get started about Mind Hunger. It’s a lot to juggle all of the sudden. With the Bari Tasty Puréed & Soft Foods Cookbook you can find joy in new meal ideas while you’re on the brink of changing your entire life. Say buh-bye to bland chicken and hello to easy-peasy mini-meals! 

Bari Tasty Bites Bariatric Surgery Snack Recipe Cookbook

Bari Tasty Bites Snack Recipe Book

More snacks? No problem! Finding new meal ideas after bariatric surgery can be downright daunting. So why not give yourself the gift of a bariatric snack book? Bari Tasty Bites gives you 40 straightforward recipes that are as simple as ABC. From Crunchy Popcorn Chicken to Beef Taco Bites, this book gives you all the variety you’ve been looking for!

I Want to Tackle Weight Stalls and Weight Regain

The Big Reset Weight Regain Nutrition and Mindset Guide Includes 24 recipes

The Big Reset – The Ultimate Mindset and Nutrition Guide to Kick Weight Regain after Bariatric Surgery to the Curb

It’s time to unravel the main causes for weight regain, rediscover the bariatric basic principles, understand how self-sabotage impacts your bariatric mindset and enjoy 24 post-op recipes, so that you can finally stop feeling like you’re falling behind.

So that you’re truly able to say that you’ve done everything in your power to get stuck out of that rut. And to keep the promise to yourself the day you set foot in that surgery room months ago: the promise to never give up.

After reading this book, you can:

  • Identify the underlying causes for unwanted weight regain after bariatric surgery.
  • Feel confident so that you can ditch the all-or-nothing mentality and self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Enjoy simple recipes to maximize your restriction. So that you can stop reaching for slider foods that won’t keep you full anyways.

Be bold. Be brave. And get your “bariatric engines” running again, with Your Onederland’s “The Big Reset” – The Ultimate Mindset and Nutrition Guide to Kick Weight Regain after Bariatric Surgery to the Curb.

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Here’s what others say about our books.



I love to read anything from cookbooks to novels. That being said, I read a lot of different writing styles and some are hard to connect with or follow. I find that a lot with cookbooks especially. However, this cookbook is so well written, easy to follow, and interesting! They fill in the gaps between your surgery and your new life and make things much less overwhelming! I’m so glad I discovered them and purchased these books!


Maggie (About Bari Tasty Bites)


I bought this book because I was familiar with Your Onderland’s online community, planner collection, and bariatric tips on their social media channels.

In the same way, they had put genuine effort into launching and sustaining their online community, I knew Maggie’s Bari Tasty Bites book would be equally as helpful as all the free information they put into their guides, references and newsletters.

The book has helped me familiarize myself with protein-packed meals, like my favorite — the tuna avocado boats, which has 19.4 grams of protein and only 248 calories.

Also, if you have a sweet tooth like me, you will appreciate the sweet bites section, which has air fryer apple chips and berry chia pudding!

Since thumbing through the book, I want to mention something that my bari doctor and dietitian failed to mention — appetite and fullness cues! I had no clue a runny nose was a sign of fullness! Truly appreciate this book, and I cannot wait for their next edition!


Tully (about Bari Tasty Bites)


“I’ve regained a lot of the weight I had lost from my gastric sleeve surgery. I’ve been wanting to “reboot” and been feeling like I failed. “The Big Reset” made me realize that what has happened with my journey is normal, that everyone is different, and that I’m not a failure. This is going to help me get back on track. 

I would definitely recommend this book. The journey is hard and weight gain is part of the process, even during the bariatric journey. The explanations of the different psychological aspects (like when you get in your head) are explained where it makes sense, and that the feelings are normal”. 



Pam (about The Big Reset)


This journal puts everything, from before you even start your journey to after surgery and maintenance, into a healthy perspective. It gives you thought provoking questions and space to journal, to work out your emotions as well as any mental roadblocks that you might have. It’s like finally someone understands and sees you and the struggles that have been happening as you begin this journey to a healthier you.

I am extra appreciative of the kindness and empathy that this journal exudes and could not have asked for a better companion to go with me along this journey. This is probably the only bariatric journal you will ever need!


Caitlin (about My Bari Tale)


I got the Bariatric journal by Your Onederland because I was fresh out of my weight loss surgery, feeling overwhelmed and a bit lost.

I had great resources but still didn’t know how to organize my thoughts. The journal perfectly laid out everything I needed to reflect on my days and help keep myself accountable.

I can’t wait to see my continued progress with my weight loss journey, and being able to look back on this journal will be a huge motivator for me.


Dee (about My Bariatric Planner)


Loved it!! Love the dedication you guys put in it!! Super helpful! I would just write what I ate on a piece of paper and always ended up loosing it! This book will be so helpful to me.


Sahrai (about the Bariatric Surgery Journal)


“Wow wow wow! This book is amazing! As someone who has had their surgery a little over a year ago this is an AMAZING tool to have by your side! This book a beautifully written warm hug that reminds you that everyone gets caught up in the days to day chaos of life, but it’s never too late to reset your mindset! Weight regain is something we will all go through at some point on this journey! The Big Reset breaks it down on why it may be happening & how to combat it.
One of my favorite chapter is the “Ditching the All-or-Nothing mindset”. As someone who prides herself on going from zero to one hundred in all that I do, because if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it well, this journey has been hard to understand that sometimes you’re not going to always hit your goals. You’re not always going to get it right. And that’s OK. This book reminds you that you are human and it’s ok to be so. Just get “Back to the Basics”, 10/10 would recommend!”



Laquana (about The Big Reset)


As a bariatric dietitian, I am absolutely in love with this journal. It’s comprehensive and includes an evaluation of sleep and emotions – both of which impact weight loss. It puts the “fun” in functional, and includes a daily planner and food journal. It’s literally a 2-for-1, and it’s the only journal I recommend to my clients who’ve undergone metabolic surgery!


Kayla (about the Bariatric Surgery Journal)


As someone who is a self proclaimed planner, I knew I wanted to approach my bariatric journey with a planned approach to reach my goals.

The Your Onederland journal was exactly what I envisioned to help keep me on track and on task over the most important 8 weeks of my life.

This journal has helped me with documenting the ups AND downs that come with my new tummy and life.



Jennifer (about My Bariatric Planner)


I purchased this book pre-op thinking it might be helpful. How right I was! This book travels everywhere with me now. I track everything I eat, I enter my measurements and weight loss, and water intake daily. I also track my blood pressure and pulse and vitamins. All this is great when I meet with my surgeon, my PCP, and nutritionist, as everything is at my finger tips. I would recommend this book for anyone starting the bariatric journey. It’s so helpful!


Nanci (about the Bariatric Surgery Journal)

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