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Bariatric Surgery is so much more than losing weight alone. And here on Your Onederland’s blog, we don’t leave any detail unnoticed. From pouch resets to post-op hair loss. From how to ditch the all-or-nothing mentality to breaking weight stalls…So, scroll down, pick a topic and get your questions answered today!

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Stop depriving yourself from the resources you deserve. We give you a platform to log into any time a day. And the best part? It’s FREE, yet the value you get is seriously priceless! That’s right. We firmly believe that reliable bariatric resources and our support groups should be accessible to every bariatric warrior out there, including you! So what are you waiting for? Join us today!

"I feel like I have a huge cheer squad as I embark on my exciting new life"

“I recently joined the Your Onederland community, 8 weeks post gastric sleeve surgery. I am a ‘researcher’ on topics relevant to me and struggled to find an honest, straightforward, insightful and supportive forum until I located this page. 

The messages are educational and always provide timely reminders about this huge journey that has been undertaken and the commitment required. 

Everything about their resources are simple to understand and follow which as I am learning, is critical to my success. 

The snack ideas are also incredible and so easy to make! I have shared this community with my dietitian  and she is now sharing with other (also non-bariatric) patients. 

I am so happy I found Your Onederland – I feel like I have a huge cheer squad as I embark on my exciting new life.”

Michelle @missromaine


"I always felt alone in my journey - your community has helped me!"

“I always felt alone in my journey. None of my family members really understand what I was feeling and going through with my food addiction and Gastric Bypass Surgery and finding your community has helped me!

Understand what was really happening to me your inspirational post and quick meal ideas opens a whole new side of me but understanding why I was obsessing with scale numbers drove me crazy if it didn’t change. You also helped me deal with slider foods and reminded me how important it is to staying hydrated….I can go on and on and on…  

I love the recipes – they’re quick and easy and there are lots of options.

I’m a very picky eater but I have tried food I’d never have eaten and am starting to enjoy my my new size and maintain the community along with the daily reels save me!!! 

I recommend your community to everyone at my surgeons office. Some patients even thank me, but we should be thanking you.”

Michelle @michelle66annnette 


"Yep - I'd definitely recommend this community to others"

“I can’t just name one thing coz everything in this community is so helpful, but if I really had to choose one I’d probably say the info that you give. It really helps me to understand a lot of thing about the bariatric world still so new to me.

One thing that I found really helpful was the post about the restrictions, I had no idea of why we have them and how we can manage them, but I do now thanks to you!

Your recipes are simply easy and quick to make! Plus they look and sound delicious.

Yep, I’d definitely recommend this community to others, because it’s helping me since the beginning of my bariatric journey. With amazing tips, food ideas, general and specific info and I’m sure that everyone else would find your community very helpful too.”

Manu @love_gastricsleeve



“I recently discovered Your Onederland and am very pleased with the information"

 “I recently discovered Your Onederland and am very pleased with the information that is shared amongst the bariatric community! I thoroughly enjoy their positive, bright attitude and genuine interest in providing support to others wanting to learn more about their life changing bariatric surgery. I highly recommend following this page!“

Bella @vsg.bella

"I’m very grateful for the resources Your Onderland provides"

“As a recent bariatric patient I’ve come across quite a few pages that are resources for those of us who have had WLS. However this is thee best resource in my opinion. A lot of questions as a bariatric patient that you may go searching on google for, you will definitely find here. On top of the free bariatric surgery guide it’s a win-win. I’m very grateful for the resources Your Onederland provides.”

Tiffany @tiffgetssleeved

"We're not alone"

Your support and the community are awesome. And so important because it shows me and all the others, we’re not alone.

Eva @swissalicious_losingweight (endosleeve)

"I love the Bariatric Guide"

“I love the Bariatric Guide. It’s very informative as me being newly post-op and having a lot of questions about life after surgery. All the material and posts are informative and helpful.”


"This community is amazing"

“As a post op Bariatric patient I think the Your Onederland page is so insightful and resourceful. I always relate to their posts whether it’s already happened to me or it’s something I’ve been thinking about – they hit the nail on the head. This community is amazing and it’s having pages like these to help pre & post op patients through their journey. I love that they interact with their followers and introduce new people in the community.”

Loving your work guys,

Ciara @momgoals3girls



"You are amazing!!"

“Love all the fabulous content you’re putting out for the community. You are amazing!!”

Xx Natalie @natalieroseglows

"Help and support provided by the Your Onederland community is one rare gem"

“Weight loss surgery can be overwhelming but the help and support provided by the Your Onederland community is one rare gem I have found on social media. Lots of good tips, tools and Q&A worth of getting involved with.”

Much love,

Sacha @essedici74

“If you need some guidance, Your Onederland provides a ton of helpful information"

 “Your Onederland is an amazing resource when it comes to tips, tricks, and overall information surrounding bariatric surgery. If you need some guidance, Your Onederland provides a ton of helpful information that truly fills in the blanks when navigating pre/post op lifestyles!“

Tay @taysfreshstart

"It is amazing what Your Onederland has put together"

“There can be so much confusion and wrong information out in the community! It is amazing what Your Onederland has put together to make sure EVERYONE has the ability to succeed on their weight loss journey!”

Rob @my_weight_is_history

"Your Onederland is so informative and often gives me a boost that I sometimes need"

“The bariatric surgery community I have found on social media has been so uplifting and freeing! When everyone shows you so much love and kindness you start to treat yourself the same way. Your Onederland is so informative and often gives me a boost that I sometimes need to reinforce that I did make the right decision whenever I have any doubts!




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