make your bariatric journey work

Create the ULTIMATE focus in your Bariatric Journey

With the Bariatric Planner Collection 

Change your habits, meet your bariatric goals and keep the weight off for good – with just one easy tool.

Never lose sight of the bariatric basics again

And stay on the right track. For real this time.

Bariatric Surgery isn’t about losing weight fast. It’s about creating habits that last. Your Bariatric Planner Collectable will help you:

  • Stay on top of your protein, hydration and nutrition goals
  • Remember to take your daily vitamins
  • Stay motivated when you hit a weight stall
  • Create new pathways so you can change your habits for good
  • Visualize all your progress in ONE easy-to-use planner

Digital Planning made Easy

What if you had one tool for the whole entire year of 2022 to navigate your Bariatric Journey better?

What if you could always carry all of your goals, trackers, thoughts and plans with you – on your Ipad, tablet or phone?

Stop feeling overwhelmed and start planning like a pro!

Discover our Gastric Sleeve Journal

From your ‘why’ to your hospital bag checklist. From tracking your protein, hydration and vitamins to celebrating ALL your non-scale victories. This VSG planner has it all!

The Ultimate Gastric Bypass Planner

Keep all your notes, trackers and journaling prompts in ONE easy to use planner. Stay on top of  ALL your bariatric goals and never forget those vitamins again!

Planning is KEY to change your habits

after Bariatric Surgery

5 Reasons why you should use the Bariatric Planner Collection

Creates peace of mind and clarity in your journey

Using a planner helps you create more headspace and thus peace of mind. Once you channel your goals & thoughts and write them down (whether on paper or digitally) – you’ll have more time to focus on other things that are important to you.

Helps you get that protein in and stay hydrated

Our BariPlanner collection includes a wide variety of trackers to help you meet your post-op goals consistently. If you don’t track – it’s easier to lose track!

Helps you change your habits for the long term

It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by all the guidelines that bariatric surgery entails. Protein, hydration, vitamins, fiber, working out, eating slow, chewing well, follow-up appointments, prepping your meals and SO much more!

Planning helps you stay focused on all of your goals at the same time.

Saves time for things you actually love doing

Bariatric Surgery is only the beginning of your journey and not the final destination. It’s time to fall in love with the process. And our planners will help you every step of the way. From your pre-op goals to your last weigh-in of the year. It’s all there!*


*templates vary per planner
Helps you stay clear of the comparison trap

When you focus on your OWN goals and your OWN progress – you will feel more confident about your own journey (and remember – we’re not striving for perfection!).

When your confidence grows, you’ll be less distracted by what other people are doing. Don’t let comparison be the thief of YOUR joy and use your planner to focus on you first and foremost.

Tell us……is this YOU?

You’re pre-op and trying to prepare yourself in the best way possible for your big day. But where do you start?

You recently had bariatric surgery and although you can’t be happier with the progress you made so far – you also feel pretty overwhelmed sometimes.

You’re further along and are struggling to keep up. Heck, maybe you stalled for a while or gained some weight back (it’s OK – we understand).

There’s no denying that Bariatric Surgery is in fact, a full time job. And staying on the right track can be a daunting task in all stages of your journey.

So……what if you had one simple tool to make it easier to ACTUALLY meet all your pre-op and post-op goals consistently?

What if you could keep all your trackers, notes and bariatric essentials in ONE planner that’s customized for your journey?

Stop worrying about falling off the bandwagon and start navigating your bariatric journey like a pro!

Our Bariatric Planner Collection includes the following:

    • Gastric Sleeve Planners
    • Gastric Bypass Planners
    • Digital 2022 Bariatric Planners
    • Printable Planners
    • Habit Trackers
    • All-in-One Daily Bariatric Journals
    • Bariatric Mindfulness Journals

And so much more!

Start planning today. Wake up with purpose tomorrow!

What others say about our Bariatric Planner Collection


Adore this printable!!! There are SO many pages, and they really fit my needs! I looked at so many bariatric planners/journals before finding this, and none of them had the variety of options this one has. I bought multiple printables from this seller, split up the PDF’s, and rearranged them into a planner that worked perfectly for me. Super satisfied!!



Love it! Stylish, simple, clean and with the best tools to start my Journey! I use it on my MacBook and it works so well! Thank you for creating a wonderful artsy Tool! Love it!



Great for the start of my bypass journey.



This is a wonderful tool for anyone who is planning on having, or have had any type of bariatric surgery. I wish this had been around 4 years ago when I first had my surgery. But it will definitely help me with progress! Can’t love this product or seller enough!



Best planner meets all my expectations need for this new lifestyle.



This page is perfect for my needs after bariatric surgery. I added 4 weeks of them to my bariatric planner, and they look great!


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