Never lose sight of the Bariatric Basics again!

With our Bariatric Planner Collection

Create focus, meet your bariatric goals and change your habits for goodwith just one simple tool

Journals with Pre-Op Sections

Change your habits for good with My Bariatric Planner

There’s no denying that Bariatric Surgery is a full-time commitment…

And it can be a daunting task to follow your bariatric guidelines while changing your mindset too.

So why not make things easier with one simple tool to help you crush your bariatric goals like never before?

My Bariatric Planner helps to:

  • Focus on the Bariatric Basics, like meeting your protein & hydration goals – and setting you up for success instead of feelings of failure
  • Stay motivated with scale and non-scale victories worth celebrating (your journey is worth documenting, don’t you think?)
  • Create clarity from your pre-op stage to your post-op daily routines – so you never have to worry about “falling off the bandwagon” again.

My Bariatric Planner includes:

  • Pre-Op Section with a Bariatric Biography, Your Reasons Why, Pre-Op Key Dates, Pre-Op Measurements, Pre-Op Notes
  • Post-Op Section with the Bariatric Basics, Goal Setting Pages, Weekly Planners, Daily Planner pages (including a Food Journal, Hydration Tracker, Vitamin Tracker, Mood Tracker, Affirmation of the Day and a Restriction Tracker)
  • The Post-Op Progress Section with Yearly Weight Loss Tracker, Weekly Weight Loss Trackers, Color your Weight Loss, Measurements Trackers and Non-Scale Victory Checklist with space to write down 20 of your favorite NSV’s.

Give yourself the gift of consistency. Order your planner today. Because you truly deserve that focus right now!

My Bari Tale: The Ultimate Self-Help Guide to Build Habits for Long-Term Success

When your mindset isn’t in the right place – you keep falling behind your goals

Bariatric surgery only works when YOU put in the work.

And yes. Your bariatric journey doesn’t come easy. There are so many guidelines to commit to, like:

  • Meeting your protein goals on top of your already busy life
  • Trying to stay hydrated while you can’t gulp
  • Remembering your daily vitamins (and hoping they won’t make you nauseous today)

And of course – the hardest part of it all.

Yes, we’re talking about changing your mindset and changing your habits.

Bariatric surgery is so much more than losing weight alone. It is, in fact, a full-time commitment to yourself to reclaim your life and to change your habits for good this time.

But how can you start with building your new habits? And how do you guide your thoughts and actions in the direction of your best self?

Don’t worry. There’s a tool that can help you just do that!

Announcing My Bari Tale: The Ultimate Self-Help Guide to Mentally Prepare for Bariatric Surgery and to Create New Habits for Success by Your Onederland is your stepping stone to kick-off your bariatric journey with – setting you up for long-term success.

And this is what sets My Bari Tale apart:

My Bari Tale includes a detailed “Pre-Op” chapter with tools such as:

  • “My Why” so you never forget your true reasons for bariatric surgery – your motivation to fall back on when you’re uninspired and in need of a friendly reminder to keep going.
  • “Fear Shredder” to identify your fears and overcome them so you can get out of your own way this time.
  • “Pre-Op Appointments” so you have a clear overview to stay organized before bariatric surgery.
  • “Hospital Bag Checklist” providing you with all the bariatric must-haves to bring with you on your surgery day 
  • “Food Funeral” to identify your trigger foods and make the first steps in building a healthy relationship with food.

My Bari Tale includes the chapter “My First Year Post-Op” with tools like:

  • “Post-Op Challenges ABC’s” to set realistic expectations so that you won’t be caught by surprise preventing you from disappointment when hardship hits.
  • “My Bariatric Mood Board” so that you can easily visually your best self after bariatric surgery – helping you to create focus when you’re about to change your life for the better.
  • “Building New Habits” to pinpoint the habits you need to set yourself up for long-term success – including prompts to make your own plan!

As a bonus there are 12 monthly habit trackers so that you can keep yourself accountable and create the consistency you deserve.

Also, you’ll find quarterly progress charts to celebrate all your milestones – you know, the ones you really don’t want to forget about!


Your journey is worth documenting. And your journey is so much more than your weight loss charts alone.

Make it memorable – use My Bari Tale to change the narrative of your own story.

Order your copy today! 

Post-Op Bariatric Journals

Stop worrying about old habits creeping back…

And reclaim your focus with the Bariatric Surgery Journal

If you don’t have a solid plan after bariatric surgery – you waste weeks feeling uninspired. You run the risk of old habits creeping back, leaving you hopeless.

Be smart – use the Bariatric Surgery Journal from Your Onederland and start your day with purpose.

This Bariatric Surgery journal will help you create focus and consistency. So that you can keep the promise you made to yourself before surgery.

The promise to live your best life possible.

Whether it’s putting your best foot forward to follow all your bariatric guidelines or working towards a long-term weight loss goal – the Bariatric Surgery Journal will help you keep yourself accountable for the next 8 weeks of your journey.

Imagine having your bariatric notes, trackers and prompts in an all-in-one journal – that fits right in your bag so you can take it wherever you go!

Stop tormenting yourself about falling off the bandwagon and create the ultimate focus in your bariatric journey – starting today.

This is what makes the Bariatric Surgery Journal stand out:

  • Monthly Planner Pages to prepare for the month ahead
  • Weekly Planner Pages including weekly priorities and a to-do list so you start your week with a clear mind
  • Daily Planner to keep track of your daily tasks and space to write down your affirmation of the day to let go of negative thinking
  • Food Diary including (emotional) eating cues, hunger/fullness scale and protein, carbohydrate, sugar, fat, calories and sodium trackers per meal/snack
  • Hydration Tracker so you can move forward in hitting your water goals every day
  • Meal Planner including a grocery list so you can plan your meals ahead
  • Activity Tracker to create and maintain an active lifestyle over time
  • Habit Tracker to create change that lasts way beyond the honeymoon stage
  • Bariatric Quotes to keep you motivated
  • Weekly Weight Loss Tracker to stay on top of your weight loss progress
  • Measurement Tracker to keep you motivated when the scales aren’t moving
  • Progress Picture to visualize how far you’ve already come
  • Reflection to write down the skills you’ve worked on and the things to be more mindful of
  • Brain Dump to clear your mind and gear up for the next week of your journey!

Never lose sight of the bariatric basics again and discover 8 weeks worth of journaling and planning in your Bariatric Surgery Journal.

Change doesn’t happen overnight – but you have to start somewhere, right?

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Planning is KEY to change your habits

after Bariatric Surgery

And here’s why ↓

Consistency will get you further

You don’t have to be perfect, but without consistency it’s going to be whole lot harder to actually meet your long-term goals. Our planners are created to bridge the gap between your dedication and your post-op goals. Our journals are inspired to take your daily vitamins despite them leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Our planners are your reminder to take your protein every day. Our prompts will help you release your thoughts and sit with your feelings without judging yourself for it. Stop relying on motivation alone to get further in your journey. That never works. What does work, is to learn to re-trust yourself by creating new habits along the way.

Celebrate your milestones - one after the other

Your journey is so much more than a numbers game. Sure, the weekly weigh-ins are important to measure your weight loss. But what’s more important are the daily wins that ultimately lead to ticking off your greater goals (whether they’re weight loss related or not). And let’s be honest. It’s a major struggle to get out of your own head, and focus on the small wins. The fear of failure sneaks up unexpectedly making your hard earned accomplishments seem so futile. Our journals remind you of what you HAVE accomplished so far so you that you can feel proud of every step you made to get here today. Falling in love with the process of change is hard when you’re struggling, but it’s an absolute must. 

Stay focused amidst the overwhelm

The easy way out? Uh..don’t think so. Navigating your post-op life can be quite overwhelming with a gazillion guidelines to follow while working on your mindset too. To keep your focus, you’ll need something to fall back on. Your bariatric journal is that rock-solid foundation at the end of a busy day so that you can find your inner peace again.

Cherish your bariatric memories forever

Imagine this. Your guidelines are scrambled together in one folder and your progression charts from your surgeons office in another. Not to mention all the mental notes you made of the “things you should be doing”, but keep forgetting to write down.

Listen. Your journey is worth documenting. And you deserve to remember all those special moments after bariatric surgery. Use a bariatric planner from Your Onederland to cherish those milestones forever.


Stay clear of the comparison trap

When you focus on your own goals and your hard earned progress – you will feel more confident about your own journey.

When your confidence grows, you’ll be less distracted by what other people are doing. Don’t let comparison be the thief of your well deserved joy and use your bariatric planner to focus on the progress you’re making.

What others say about our Bariatric Planners 


This journal puts everything, from before you even start your journey to after surgery and maintenance, into a healthy perspective. It gives you thought provoking questions and space to journal, to work out your emotions as well as any mental roadblocks that you might have. It’s like finally someone understands and sees you and the struggles that have been happening as you begin this journey to a healthier you. I am extra appreciative of the kindness and empathy that this journal exudes and could not have asked for a better companion to go with me along this journey. This is probably the only bariatric journal you will ever need!


Caitlin (about My Bari Tale)


I got the Bariatric journal by Your Onederland because I was fresh out of my weight loss surgery, feeling overwhelmed and a bit lost.

I had great resources but still didn’t know how to organize my thoughts. The journal perfectly laid out everything I needed to reflect on my days and help keep myself accountable.

I can’t wait to see my continued progress with my weight loss journey, and being able to look back on this journal will be a huge motivator for me.


Dee (about My Bariatric Planner)


Loved it!! Love the dedication you guys put in it!! Super helpful! I would just write what I ate on a piece of paper and always ended up loosing it! This book will be so helpful to me.


Sahrai (about the Bariatric Surgery Journal)


As a bariatric dietitian, I am absolutely in love with this journal. It’s comprehensive and includes an evaluation of sleep and emotions – both of which impact weight loss. It puts the “fun” in functional, and includes a daily planner and food journal. It’s literally a 2-for-1, and it’s the only journal I recommend to my clients who’ve undergone metabolic surgery!


Kayla (about the Bariatric Surgery Journal)


As someone who is a self proclaimed planner, I knew I wanted to approach my bariatric journey with a planned approach to reach my goals.

The Your Onederland journal was exactly what I envisioned to help keep me on track and on task over the most important 8 weeks of my life.

This journal has helped me with documenting the ups AND downs that come with my new tummy and life.


Jennifer (about My Bariatric Planner)


I purchased this book pre-op thinking it might be helpful. How right I was! This book travels everywhere with me now. I track everything I eat, I enter my measurements and weight loss, and water intake daily. I also track my blood pressure and pulse and vitamins. All this is great when I meet with my surgeon, my PCP, and nutritionist, as everything is at my finger tips. I would recommend this book for anyone starting the bariatric journey. It’s so helpful.


Nanci (about the Bariatric Surgery Journal)


This journal is what the weight loss surgery community needs as there is no journal like this out there for us. The colour of the outside is fantastic & bright. I love how it has quotes in-between the pages, love the monthly calendar as each week is separate with a weekly calendar.

I love the food diary section which shows meal sections for the day & I ate because I felt & the little dots to mark how hungry we we’re. I love the circles for the protein carbs ect so that we can mark off if we hit our goals.

And you also have daily schedule so you can plan the times of meals & daily tasks. I love the bit to mark if we have taken our vitamins for the day. And I love the hydration tracker for everyday of the week & you also have a meal planner, activity & habit tracker section. And you have space for weekly weigh-ins!


Zoe (about the Bariatric Surgery Journal)


This is the missing piece I needed for my journey! It’s helping me to hold myself accountable. I’m so grateful for this helpful tool. It helped me come out of a 2 month stall where nothing else worked!


Jensen (about the Bariatric Surgery Journal)


I love this journal! I almost hit rock bottom with all the stress and anxiety from work. I lost my way and I found myself going back to my old habits. I felt like a failure when I saw that I gained a little weight and seeing all the success stories online, made me feel even worse. So I followed my heart and I got this journal. It reminded me of my WHY and it’s helping me go back to making healthy food choices. I have to focus on me and my path. This journal helped me forgive myself for thinking that I have failed. It’s hard not to compare myself to others, but this journal is helping me stay focus on me.


Lydia (about My Bari Tale)

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