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No self-promotions or spam

Please avoid commercially-motivated promotion. Discretion as what is “commercial” will be left to the admins – send a direct message to Your Onederland before posting if you’re not sure about the content. Or contact us at

Be kind and respectful

Your Onederland community strives to create a friendly and welcoming environment. A safe space to support each other’s bariatric journeys. Let’s treat everybody with respect. Healthy debates are OK, but kindness is required. We’ve got a zero tolerance policy for any negativity – in any way or form.

No medical advice

Our community is created for educational purposes – and to share ideas, but most of all to connect with other bariatric journeys. Do not take anything that’s being shared in our community as medical or personal advice. And do not present anything you share as medical or personal advice. Always follow up on your doctor’s orders. And reach out to your bariatric team for medical advice.

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