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The Post-Op Diet:

Re-introducing foods after surgery

You won’t be able to eat and drink everything when you’re straight out of surgery. Your pouch needs time to heal. 

It’s important to follow your surgeons guidelines when it comes down to re-introducing food back to your diet. You will start with liquids and move on gradually-  through a total of 5 stages – to solids. Don’t move on to the next stage – unless you’re cleared to do so by your surgeon.

The main focus in the first stages after bariatric surgery will be protein and hydration. Due to restriction you’ll have to work extra hard to get as close to your recommended goals as possible. 


Stage 1

Clear Liquids

The main purpose of the first stage is to keep you well hydrated straight after surgery. You’ll have to take small sips throughout the day. Follow your surgeons guidelines. Examples of clear liquids are: water and clear broth.

Stage 2

Full Liquids

Some surgeons will skip the full liquid stage and move straight on to the puréed stage. Always follow your surgeons guidelines. Examples of high-protein full liquids are: skimmed milk, strained cream soups and protein shakes.

Stage 3

Puréed Foods

For many, moving forward to the pureed stage is very exciting. You’ve missed the taste of ‘real food’ and you’re looking forward to have more variety. Foods eaten in the puréed stage should all be blended until smooth. 

Stage 4

Soft Foods

You’re gradually moving on to more solid foods and the stabilization diet. Keep in mind that you’ll be following your surgeons recommendations. Sometimes you’ll have to move back to a previous stage if any complications occur. Examples of high-protein soft foods are: white fish, poached and hard boiled eggs and low-fat deli lunch meats.  

Stage 5

Solid Foods

As you enter the final stage of the post-op diet – you’re slowly introducing a wider variety of foods. Maybe you’re intolerant to certain foods. Always follow-up with your bariatric dietitian to discuss your nutrition goals. Important habits to remember are: keeping solids from liquids, chewing your food thoroughly and eating your protein first. 

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