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7 Reminders before Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery isn’t the easy way out.

Here are 7 reminders to keep in mind before you start your bariatric journey.

#1 Focus on hydration

Start focusing on your hydration. Are you drinking enough water? If you’re not, this is a good time to start paying attention to hydration goals.

Start exploring different ways to make water more appealing. You may dislike the taste of water after surgery – or it could make you nauseous.

#2 Prioritize protein

Pay attention to protein. What high protein foods are you eating right now? Is there enough variety? Could you possibly eat more protein? A bariatric dietitian can help you set up a solid nutrition plan that’ll fit your personal needs. 

#3 Focus on an active lifestyle

Start finding a way to increase your physical activity. Focus more on what your body can do instead of what it can’t. And remember: exercise isn’t just beneficial for overall health – it’s also a great way to maintain your muscle mass after bariatric surgery.

#4 Change your mindset

Start working on your mindset today. Bariatric surgery isn’t a diet, it’s tool to promote sustainable weight loss over time by changing the way you live your life. 

Start ditching old diet habits that won’t benefit your life after bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery will change your life. But it will be hard. It will be difficult to unlearn old patterns. If you need help – reach out to a therapist to guide you. 

#5 Learn about bariatric vitamins

You’ll need to take (bariatric) vitamins every day for the rest of your life. Bariatric vitamins need to meet specific requirements to fit your needs. 

#6 Identify your non-hunger cues

Work on the root cause of your weight issues. Learn to identify which cues – like emotional eating – cause you to overeat, or promote any other self-sabotaging eating habits. Start working on your relationship with food – but most of all on the relationship with yourself. 

#7 Join a support group

Bariatric surgery isn’t the easy way out and being part of a supportive community can be incredibly helpful. Join an online support group, or find a local support group where you’ll find likeminded people to share your journey with. 

Daily reminders to stay motivated

Here’s a harsh truth about having bariatric surgery. If you rely on motivation alone, you’re not going to make it. Motivation ebbs and flows. And is hardly reliable to “get the work done”. So how can you make sure to stay focused on your wins? What helps to keep your eyes on the prize after bariatric surgery? Look no further, because “I Feel Bari Good Today” gives you 71 bariatric quotes. Imagine having your daily dose of motivation right on your night-stand? Grab your copy today!

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