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“I like the straightforward information in clear and concise pieces enough to take in without being overwhelmed. This community has also helped me to cheer myself on”

“Your Onederland is the most informative place for all things Bariatric: recipes, protein and all things amazing. They just get it on all levels. I’ve felt supported at all my stages with all the amazing information shared”

“Your Onederland is simply my fave bariatric community. I feel supported everyday by them when they share the info I need to know, the tips I need to follow and the reminders I need to remember”

“I just love the sense of community and support. I’ve never met anyone so invested in strangers’ journeys and it feels so incredible to be seen, as it were”

What I like most is the recipes and encouragements, I had a very hard first month of post op due to complications and they have helped me a lot to see a light at the end of the tunnel and stay positive”

“Lots of information! Love the support and positive attitude”



“I love the recipe ideas and that it’s a safe place!”

“Ever since finding this community, Your Onederland has had some of the best information out there. They’re always evolving too – keeping things fresh and new! I love journaling and they have the best available IMHO. They hype people too and just keep everyone motivated. Their self-help guide looks AMAZING!”

“Love the recipes and positivity here! Thank you!”



“I really love Your Onederland because everything that they post is so helpful and great! Also I love that they wanna share all these tips and inspiration with us, just for us to find a guide and a platform where we can go for motivation and advice”



“I love the sense of community here. The support I’ve seen in the comments so far is really helpful”

“I like all the helpful tips and posts which assure me that I will be successful in my journey to becoming healthy”



“I love all the recipes that are shared! It makes the entire process seem a lot less daunting and scary”

“I loooooooove the encouragement, support & real life practicality to support a crazy hard experience that is not talked about/supported much”

“I love all the useful information that Your Onederland provide to us. The support is awesome!”



“Excellent tips and easy ideas to move forward on this difficult journey”

“I love the motivation, understanding and support through all parts of the journey”



“I love Your Onederland because they post great advice but also very helpful advice (which I don’t see from many other pages that are either run by WLS dietitians or they had WLS themselves ) & that’s why I love re-sharing your content, you post great tips as well, brilliant ideas & 100% brilliant content whether it being pre-op or post-op, I’m happy I found you & became addicted to your page”

“Your Onederland is my number 1 go to for information you cover everything in an easy understandable way”

“Seriously, this community has been nothing short of a little miracle. All the tips, tricks but mostly just the realness about the whole journey, it made go into this with so much more calmness and set the expectations bar on a realistic level. It’s almost my birthday and I know that I’m getting 3 of your books. I’m so excited read them”

“What I like is not feeling alone when I see your posts or visit your website. After my roux en y bypass in 2007, I got literally zero follow up care. Nothing. No nutritionist, no dietitian, no therapy, no check ups, no blood tests, just one phone call six months in from the secretary wanting to check my contact details were the same. So its genuinely lovely to see that most people don’t suffer that”



“I love the tips and judgment free atmosphere”



“I love the support and the helpful tips that are given as well as the motivation!”



“I’m new, but I love how straightforward and clear the info is that they provide. And somehow I feel like I can find answers here to the questions I have. Thank you!!”



“What I like most about Your Onederland is that what they share with us is easy to understand. I don’t need a medical degree”

“Such great tips and reminders about this journey!”

“I love how Your Onederland is a safe space and so uplifting. Love the recipe ideas as well. Thank you so much”

“Great recipes and reminders when I feel like I’m struggling, I’m ok”



“I love the clear easy to process information, I have learnt so much and feel so prepared by Your Onederland. Thank you!”

“I love Your Onederland because it’s so helpful to have people with the same goals and know what you’re about to go through. Thank you for all of the wonderful tips and help!”


“I enjoy all the tips the most! Easy to follow and fun to look at”

“I am loving the support and guidance of is giving me as I am only 9 weeks into my journey!”



“I love the recipes, but most of all the emails! Great reminders when I’m not on social media”

I love your page – the informative and helpful posts, it’s all so great”

“What I love is the great recipes and the cookbook, and the community it brings”

“I love the recipes and the support provided”

I love the community of support where we can share and uplift those going thru what we have and are currently going through on our weightloss journey”

“I love your posts. They really help me in this process of post RNY. Thank you”

“I love Your Onederland for all the great meal ideas and support!”

What I like the most is the realness of it all not feeling alone or judged just support”



“I love the positivity, support and tips from Your Onederland”

“We love how easy to understand Your Onederland is! Thank you for all your help and support!”

Moose & Squirrel


LOVE the great tips, the meal ideas, the encouragement, the support, the newsletter, the journal, the recipes books… I just love everything about this community”

“I love that they have recipes. I have always struggled with what to cook when I diet or just trying to watch what I eat. Since my surgery 11/7 I struggled a little and then I saw all the wonderful things you all make . I was LIKE YESSSSSS I FOUND SOMETHING. I also like the support that’s in the group, I don’t feel like I’m doing it by myself. Thank you Your Onederland for providing a group of support and recipes”



“Love how REAL you are. No need to sugar coat. Keep it up!”



I like that things are written simply so it’s easy to understand! And I think the graphics are great!”



“My favorite thing about Your Onederland is the community and the feeling that everyone in that community gets it. Also everyone in Your Onederland and its community supports one another at all times and nobody is there to shoot you down”


“I love that Your Onderland is so encouraging and helpful, and really makes the bariatric surgery process less daunting!”



“I like that Your Onederland has been such a help before and after getting my surgery!



“I like the fact it is so easy to guide me through early stages but I can also get an idea of what longer term may look like. Some posts pop up just as I’m worrying about that exact thing. So helpful and not condescending – great service”

“I love all the tips & info to help us be successful through this new journey!”



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