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Weight Regain & Pouch Stretching

Weight regain and pouch stretching are among the biggest concerns after bariatric surgery.

“What if I gain all the weight back?”

“What if I stretch my pouch?”

“Will I be able to keep all my weight off?”

An estimate of 16% to 37% of bariatric patients experience weight regain within 3 years after bariatric surgery. Keep in mind that there’s not one single definition being used across different studies. These numbers are estimates.

Studies show that pouch stretching or pouch enlargement doesn’t seem to have that big of an impact on weight regain. It’s other variables like: grazing, emotional eating, lack of exercise and lack of support that seem to have a bigger influence on weight regain.

Your pouch is designed to stretch and shrink naturally as the lining is made out of muscle tissue. You won’t stretch your pouch from overeating once.

Stoma dilation refers to the widening of the passage between pouch and the small bowel and can occur when you consume larger portions over a longer period of time. Pouch enlargement refers to the literal enlargement of your pouch.

5 Things that you can do to prevent weight regain

  1.  Eat wholesome nutritious meals to prevent grazing
  2. Drink zero or low-calorie liquids instead of high calorie, high sugar liquids
  3. Make sure you’re able to keep up with an active lifestyle consistently
  4. Work on your root issue of emotional eating
  5. Stay committed to all of your follow-up appointments and find a support group that fit your needs

Put weight regain to a halt! It’s time for “The Big Reset”…

It’s time to unravel the main causes for weight regain, rediscover the bariatric basic principles, understand how self-sabotage impacts your bariatric mindset and enjoy 24 post-op meals and recipes, so that you can finally stop feeling like you’re falling behind.

So that you’re truly able to say that you’ve done everything in your power to get stuck out of that rut. And to keep the promise to yourself the day you set foot in that surgery room months ago: the promise to never give up.

After reading this book, you can:

  • Identify the underlying causes for unwanted weight regain after bariatric surgery.
  • Feel confident so that you can ditch the all-or-nothing mentality and self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Enjoy simple recipes to maximize your restriction. So that you can stop reaching for slider foods that won’t keep you full anyways.

Be bold. Be brave. And get your “bariatric engines” running again, with Your Onederland’s “The Big Reset” – The Ultimate Mindset and Nutrition Guide to Kick Weight Regain after Bariatric Surgery to the Curb.

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